Gifting Tickets

My friend Simon Wolf spoke last year at the conference, but was unable to make it this year. He was keen to support the conference in some other way and suggested he buy a ticket which we could use to allow someone else to attend. Someone who might not be able to afford it.

Our cash flow is extremely tight this year, which means we're constrained in our ability to offer cheap tickets to (for example) students, or free tickets for people who require assistance and need to bring someone with them.

Simon's purchase has been used to allow a programmer to overcome some obstacles and attend.

We decided to formalise this idea of gifting tickets
to allow others to follow Simon's lead.

When you click through to to buy a ticket, you can select a "gift ticket". Fill in your own details so we can tell the recipient who to thank. We can change the details later to match the attendee.

Whether you're an individual who cant make it but is happy to support a student, or an organisation looking for an interesting way to sponsor the conference, please consider buying a gift ticket (or tickets) for someone.

Proudly sponsored by:

Alan C. Francis

In 20 years, Alan’s done a lot of different things in Software. He’s built control systems for dams in FORTRAN, the original DVD authoring tools on Windows in C++, Financial Systems on Solaris in Java, System Monitoring software on Linux in Ruby, and these days merchant tools for iOS in Objective C. In between he’s been an Agile process consultant for ObjectMentor and ThoughtWorks, and co-organises the Scottish Ruby Conference.


Paul Wilson

Paul is a coach and coder with over ten years of experience of Agile/XP. He is an active member of the Ruby and Agile communities, and co-organiser of the Scottish Ruby Conference. He has spoken at many conferences and events; these include RubyConf, The Naked Agilist, and guest lectures at Glasgow Caledonian and Edinburgh Napier Universities.